The power and benefits of recommendation marketing
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  • June 05, 2020
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The power and benefits of recommendation marketing

What is recommendation marketing and how often is it used by brands?

Recommendation marketing is when a brand and an online marketing platform such as an influencer or social media platform partner up to influence and educate a consumer during their purchase journey. In that process, a brand will pay a commission or a small incentive to an influencer/web promoter or who has this marketing platform to earn additional revenue as they’re targeting these consumers. Recommendation marketing has become an essential strategy for today's brands, as this is the most effective way to reach out to consumers in the era of social media.

Recommendation marketing easily grows a brand’s customer base and establishes a personable rapport with customers, therefore more and more brands implement recommendation marketing to their marketing mix. It has the power to influence and educate a consumer during their purchase journey, increase engagement and drive sales. And instead of investing in larger advertising campaigns, brands pay the commission to the influencer/recommender.

How can recommendation marketing be a solution for a brand?

Most of the time before consumers make a purchase, they often ask their friends or network if they had any experience with the given service or product before. Customers trust friends more than brands. Consumers tend to put greater stock in the opinion of their neighbour than they do in the pitch of a salesperson on commission. The same goes for choosing an insurance company, a broker, a financial advisor, or a new phone contract. Consumers go to their friends for advice. Nowadays, 90% of people seek the opinion of their network over any other advertising channel to be sure that their money is well spent.

For consumers, relying on friends is a given. But for web promoters, it’s an exciting world to discover. Personal recommendations are no longer just private affairs hidden in face-to-face conversations or phone calls. Sales experts are no longer the people who sell the product, but rather the people who consume it. And the way to recommend products online and earn a commission is something that anybody can learn. Recomerz provides a very straight forward, step by step course to learn the art of the online recommendation business.

How do influencers benefit from recommendation marketing?

Through recommendation marketing, you can find products that you already love through Recomerz. You can start linking these products to your recommendation social media profiles and start growing those commissions. It might be a time-consuming process, but a very simple procedure.

Also, this is something that could make you financially independent in the long run. As a web promoter, you can generate enough passive income you can spend most of your free time on what you love doing the most. 

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