The Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Behaviour
  • Recomerz
  • May 22, 2020
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The Impact of Covid-19 on Consumer Behaviour

The advantages of getting into the recommendation business today 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, most people moved into their home offices and generally spend most of their time indoors. This resulted in a huge increase in spending time on media consumption among internet users worldwide. Social media usage seeing an increase of 21 per cent and news consumption rising by 36 per cent. Recommenders and web promoters see the coronavirus pandemic a game-changer. Since most people's life moved to online platforms, it is much easier for recommenders to reach out and promote products.

"Facebook is seeing an extreme spike in usage across the globe due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The platform stated the crisis is pushing usage through the roof. "

"In 2020 because of COVID-19 Instagram is seeing the biggest, strongest growth out of all of the socials. Nearly 14% growth. That’s about 3.2 minutes when you add that up."

"Everyone is home and is on TikTok actively, and everyone's social distancing," said Mae Karwowski, the company's founder and CEO. "We're just consuming so much more content."

It is clear, that with the increase in social media consumptions, now is the best time to join the recommendation business. Recomerz provides free training on how to become a professional web promoter. Sign up here.

What to promote in 2020?

Brands want to spend less of their budget on advertising. Companies would rather spend their resources on paying a higher commission to recommenders and influencers to promote their products, and Recomerz pays an exceptionally high commission. Here are the best type of products and services to promote in 2020.

There is an increasing need for home office items. Most workers are stuck at home without appropriate desks, working areas and stationery products. There is an increased search for portable desks, noise-cancelling earbuds or audio headsets for making hands free phone calls and create a more comfortable atmosphere to work from home.

Home workout kits and jogging pants are in need. People also find it important to keep up with their daily workout, as they generally exercise less during the lockdown. There is a high demand for clothes made out of stretchy fabrics or in relaxed fits, with strong sales of joggers, as well as home workout equipment such as weights or rubber bands.

Comfy home wear is king. There is a huge demand for loungewear, leggings and even pyjamas. Comfort is also essential for people working from home, and most individuals just simply don't attend video conferences wearing suits. Promoting comfortable clothes is definitely fruitful. 

Online learning courses are very popular. Many people prefer to spend their time keeping busy and productive. The best way to spend lockdown free time is to focus on learning new skills or languages. Recommending useful online courses will be a winner in 2020.

Join Recomerz 

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