The advantages of working from home
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  • April 07, 2020
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The advantages of working from home

The benefits of working from home

The world is changing so is the way we approach work. Many of us consider working from home to reduce stress around earning money as well as to find a better work-life balance
Of course, the reason is valid. While a regular job fails to offer financial stability and freedom, working from home does. The emergence of the novel Coronavirus forced many businesses to direct their employees to work from home. While the COVID-19 outbreak saddens our heart, the good news is that people starting to realise how interesting it is to work from the comfort of their own home. Though under strict supervision, they’ll enjoy the following benefits:

1. Finding work-life balance

It is needless to say, that having a traditional job gives you little to no time to spend with your loved ones or to simply take care of your own needs. A regular job often does not offer a lot of room for intimacy with your family or time to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This can lead to discouragement and demotivation. Working from home can be rewarding in that you get to spend more time with your family and friends, work on your creativity or personal projects.

2. Less Stress

Working from home requires discipline, excellent time, hard work and dedication. It demands that you adhere to strict rules and guidelines. However, on the other hand, it offers less stress with the reduction of the daily rush hours. You can do your job at your timeline and pace unlike in the conventional working environment where your boss would watch your every move. Besides, the stress of waiting in traffic will be off. You wouldn’t have to panic when all lanes are blocked on your way to the office.

3. Improved Mental Health

Many employees work hard and tirelessly to satisfy their employers. Sometimes, they go overboard just to meet up with bulky tasks. Well, various researches have shown that overworking the brain can add up to your stress level. Meanwhile, a higher stress level reduces the body’s potential to carry out tasks as supposed to, leading to reduced productivity and increased anxiety.  While working from home provide comfort and more free time, in general, to spend on rest or exercise. Regular workout, more sleep and healthy diet boost your immunity, productivity and mental health. 

4. Financial Freedom

Working from home, especially as a freelancer, makes you a daily earner who does not depend on a basic salary. People who work from home gives you direct control over your income and investments. The more you work, the more you earn. You also get more time to add more skills and learn new strategies within your industry.

5. No Commute

It is easy to believe that the ones who work from home missing commuting the least. No traffic jam, no packed public transport, no rush hour, no crowds. It is like living the dream, isn’t it? You can start working from the comfort of your bed if you like as long as you are good at managing your time. It’s up to you how you want to start your day; go for a jog instead of commuting to work, or snooze for a little longer in the morning.

Time management is key 

Working from home may be fun and interesting yet it demands discipline. Don't get the wrong impression. It is a flexible way of working, although just as tough, as you are still responsible for your tasks without supervision. All successful entrepreneurs and business people who work from home have honed these important skills – DISCIPLINE and TIME MANAGEMENT. With some dedication and a little hard work, working from home in 2020 can be beneficial to anyone.