How Coronavirus changes the way we work?
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  • April 07, 2020
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How Coronavirus changes the way we work?

The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak

The impact of the Coronavirus outbreak is clear. It has changed almost everybody's work and daily routine. It is eliminating tasks that some employees usually do. There are no clients to consult, no trips to book, no events to organise, no meetings to attend. The world for the first time is in lockdown. Eliminating positions is one of the responses to this shift. Another is for employees, together with their managers and coworkers, to rearrange work and take on different responsibilities. Many of the tasks workers are doing now was not imagined even weeks ago.

The roles are changing, people are becoming sanitation monitors, crisis managers and work-from-home co-ordinators. Restructuring roles are not exactly new as technology is constantly evolving. However, these changes have never happened so rapidly before. 

Are we in the middle of the WFH revolution

Working from home is not a recent phenomenon. Tech startups, digital nomads and marketing gurus have long praised its benefits like increased productivity, more balanced lifestyle and happiness. But not everyone has been keen to adapt to the possibilities modern technology has to offer.

Every country in the world hit by the coronavirus are in the middle of a huge remote working experiment. Which raises the question of how work/life will continue once we have returned to some sort of normality. Are we going to pack our laptops and move back to the office? Or shall we continue working from home? Or has the situation proven, that actually, we are totally fine and productive in our pj's too?

It seems that those lengthy, inefficient board room meetings can be replaced by emails, fly-in-fly-out business appointments can be video conferences and presentations can be done over Skype. These realisations might stick and lead companies to restructure their organisations once the outbreak is over. It is becoming clear, that working from home is the sustainable way, and very much in the interest of our planet and our climate.

The changes are becoming clear

In general, this outbreak will see a much greater shift in the way businesses are conducted today. More people will enjoy the benefit of working from home; while businesses realise they can navigate this crisis while their people are at home. So yes, the coronavirus will most likely change the way we work, possibly permanently.

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